About pottery making and decorative techniques

klumpp2-70x70 This blog will be about the human, personal side of my research in coastal Ecuador on pottery making and weaving technique that are pre-Columbian in origin.

I am both a potter and cultural anthropologist, having graduated with a Master´s degree in Anthropology from the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana.

As a potter, I trained for over a year with a native coastal Ecuadorian peasant woman from the Guayas Basin region. This women, Panchita, made her vessels using the most sophisticated hand forming method I had ever witnessed…

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A Resounding Success: 2015 Summer Textile Apprenticeship Program

The two fiber artisans that I chose to travel to Manabí province in coastal Ecuador to learn the pre-Columbian spinning and weaving techniques of the ancient Manteño and their forebearers turned out to be terrific apprentices.   Janet and Amber, both hailing from northern California, quickly learned the traditional coastal Manabí methods of spinning,  dyeing using fresh leaf indigo […]

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For Spin-Off readership:

I am delighted that you want to check out the video, The Ancient Cotton Fiber Art of Manabí Province, Coastal Ecuador.   Here it is  for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy! If after watching it you are moved to want to help me in my endeavors to help safeguard this ancient pre-Columbian artisan tradition, please contact me […]

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